CBTSUK Youth during Deusi Bhailo Programme 2067

Report by Sabita Gurung

Deusi Bhailo


CBTSUK Youth during Deusi Bhailo Programme 2067
(Fund raising for CBTS Area Development Project)
Chaar Bhanjang Youth Committee

“Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other to try the manners of different nations, to hear the chimes at midnight, to see the sunrise in town and country, to be converted at a revival, to circumnavigate the metaphysics, write halting verses, run a mile to see a fire and wait all day long in the theatre to applaud Hernani” – Robert Louis Stevenson


CBTSUK youth committee was officially formed by second executive committee on 2nd Oct 2010. The CBTSUK youth committee represents young members within the CBTSUK and was setup to support the board of executive members and, encourage young generations to participate in extra circular activities and explore their talents. Since its commencement, the youth members have been working in full fledge and supporting the executive members in need and participating in many events organised by various organisations.

The youth committee is one of the active committees, which played an important role for the success of the charity dinner night that was held on 15th of January 2011 at Connaught school Aldershot. The young members vigorously participated throughout the programme and, performed a cultural programme impeccably. Their hard work and flawless performance left the guests and spectators with remarkable impression. On top of that, the youth committee also contributed £230 for the charity (Char Bhanjyang Area Development Project), which was raised during Tihar festival 2067 playing ‘Deusi and Bhailo’. This is indeed an example of commitment of youth committee towards the community. Even though it may be small contribution but a big move for the young members, just following the footstep of parent committee. The youth committee would like to thank association Chairman Lt Chandra Bahadur Gurung for his guidance, support and encouragement. Still many miles to go before we sleep, but will definitely be there one day.

Sabita Gurung (CBTS Youth Member)

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