BUPA Great South Run – Oct 2012

BUPA Great South Run – Oct 2012

Bupa Great South Run


BUPA Great South Run - Oct 2012
In 2011 Swinfen Telemedicine and CBTSUK joined together to raise funds to build a new and much needed medical clinic in Khalte, Parbat, Nepal. Set high in the Himalayan Mountain range the need for this clinic is paramount and will provide medical care and advice for over 14,000 poeple from 6 surrounding villages. These poor people are regularly subject to outbreaks of Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Malaria and other life-threatening epidemics. At present the nearest Main Hospital is a 6 hour walk away.

Although the funds to build this clinic have been raised we still need money to buy medical equipment, supplies, and funds to maintain the Telemedical link. Therefore a group of 16 runners (11 CBTSUK and 5 SCT) took part in the Great South Run this year to raise these funds.

Char Bhanjyang Youth & Swinfen Chartiable Trust UK successfully completed Bupa Great South Run 2012. CBTS UK Youth runners: Abhiyan, Bimla, Nikita, Namita, Missan, Sadip, Sachin, Sarun, Shubkhechhya, Suruchi, Sophiya. and FAB 5 (Sharon, Debbie Checksfield,Alan Griggs, Karen Everest, Charlie Mayo)

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