The Char Bhanjyang Academic award was presented by Hon Lt Chandra Bahadur Gurung in Nov 2011. This award was introduced to encourage the children of Char Bhanjyang Tamu Samaj UK to do well on the education field.

Descriptions of the Trophy:
This about eight inch high and six inch wide brass image represents one of the early forms of Manjushree, the Buddhist god who stands for wisdom and knowledge, more particularly the knowledge of linguistics and grammar. In early innovations, Manjushree images had normal two arms, carrying in one of them a ‘khadga’, sword, had a diamond Ratna-mani or Chintamani, which symbolised truth, as like truth, it neither rusted nor defaced or eroded. With the sword, Manjushree is conceived as eliminating darkness.


Award Rules:

a. The award consist of a gold plated bronze statue of Manjushree (Goddess of wisdom) mounted on hard wood and £150.00 Cash.
b. The award will be presented annually to the pupil obtaining highest mark on the latest GCSE results in the United Kingdom.
c. All the pupils from Char Bhanjyang including off springs of the Chelis will be eligible to compete.
d. The marking will be done on following score system:
i. A* =5 points
ii. A= 3 points
iii. B= 2 points
iv. C= 1 Point
(in the event of a draw, Mathematics, Science and English subjects will get the priority)
d. A panel of 5 people will be formed to choose the best among them.
e. The winner will take the trophy, engraved his name and properly looked after for 1 year. The Trophy has to be hand over to CBTS executive committee for the competition.
f. Any damage and loss of the trophy will be investigated and a maximum of £300.00 will be recovered from the parents to replace the trophy.

Winners of Char Bhanjyang Academic Award:


Shradha Gurung -Academic Award 2014

The cash prize £150 and the trophy was awarded to Miss Shradha Gurung daughter of Hon Lt Chandra Bahadur Gurung and Mrs.Bimla Gurung for the academic year 2014.

Rajani Gurung - Academic Award 2013

The cash prize £150 and the trophy was awarded to Miss Rajani Gurung daughter of Mr. Nar Bahadur Gurung and Mrs. Apsara Gurung for the academic year 2013.

Pradeep Gurung 2014

The cash prize £150 and the trophy was awarded to Master Pradeep Gurung son of Mr. Gyam Bahadur Gurung and Mrs. Prem Kumari Gurung for the academic year 2012.

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